Miceli Family Bakery, Stoney Creek Ontario

About Miceli Bakery

Miceli Bakery has been baking since 1993. All of our products are made using only the finest ingredients, natural starters, with absolutely no preservatives.

Our baking methods follow time-honoured European traditions and techniques. The extra time and care we take creates exceptional rustic breads with more flavour, a richer colour, a chewy moist texture, and crisp crust.

Food reviewers and food lovers have dubbed us “Hamillton’s best bread” — a compliment we take seriously and an honour we’re determined to maintain. The gentle shaping of each loaf, long periods of rest for slow rising, and a stone-deck oven, all work together to create exceptionally flavourful breads.

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Miceli Family Bakery
507 Barton St. Stoney Creek   905-664-3522